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Phoenix Regional Airport

Mixed-Use Aviation Complex



    Phoenix Regional Airport was sold to the Ak-Chin Indian Community in 2006. Grande Valley Airport LLC maintains a presence on site with an asset mix located in Saddleback Industrial Airpark.


Project Description


    Grande Valley Airport LLC dba Phoenix Regional Airport/Airpark (PRA) is a privately held, public use airport facility that represents the core of a 700+ acre master-planned community. Comprised of residential, light industrial, commercial, and institutional components, PRA is located just 25 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona between the cities of Casa Grande and Maricopa. This innovative aviation community features a 5,000-foot paved runway, a 5,000-foot turf runway, and a fully automated 100LL fuel system.




    As America enters into a new millennium, an unfilled niche exists: “The Airport/Airpark as a Destination”. Phoenix Regional Airport is well on its way to developing a work, live and play aviation community.  In addition to job generation and the aviation play aspect of the complex, the preservation of some of the best years of aviation and architecture in the 20th century, will also benefit those living and visiting our aviation-related museums, galleries and meeting facilities.


    With sincere respect for our natural Arizona resources in mind and our aviation clientele, we are not just developing a tract of homes, parks and commercial buildings around an airport, but a planned community you’ll love to live in.  The best of aviation, and business combined with some of the best examples of 20th century architecture...a living history. PRA will continue to grow as a “destination” for pilots to fly to and gather.  As a destination for events and conventions, hotels, restaurants and entertainment is planned as part of the community as well.  Various products will be offered, from hotels to beachfront condominiums, to a simple well equipped room for a layover. Quality facilities, knowledgeable staff attentive to detail, and value added businesses will provide revenue & growth in this fast developing Master Planned Aviation Community.

Why an Airport?


    Airports across the country have evolved as magnets for economic development, due to transportation demand versus the availability of improved industrial and commercial property. Most airports are owned by municipalities, financed by public funds, and do not provide access to privately owned land. While these airports have the capability, there is little incentive to lease properties within the boundaries of the airport infrastructure, in order to construct facilities with access to the runway system. Unmet demand for private property with direct runway access in the greater Phoenix area provided inspiration for this project. Developers anticipate that demand for airport-related commercial and residential sites will continue to need supply, and the Phoenix Regional Airport/Airpark Master Plan is the right model at the right time for outstanding return on investment.  



Site Location


    Phoenix Regional Airport/Airpark is a fully entitled airport (Federal Aviation Administration, ADOT, and Pinal County approved) situated 25 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona in Pinal County. The site is located midway between the new City of Maricopa and the City of Casa Grande, along the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway (State Route 238), flanked on the north by the Gila River Indian Community and on the south by the Ak-Chin Community.


    The area has blossomed into one of the fastest-growing regions of the U.S. The twenty mile stretch, east to west, from I-10 to Maricopa Road, along the southern edge of the Sacaton Mountains is under various master planning models, with submissions to the City of Casa Grande and the new City of Maricopa (incorporated 2003).









    Phoenix Regional Airport Properties LLC represents the majority of new supply of runway access private property in the Phoenix marketplace. Additionally, the likelihood of a competing new airport development of this type is minimal, due to soaring land values, public resistance to airport development, and available, viable sites. In effect, there are no competitive products.


    Of the eight (8) existing public-use airports (excluding Phoenix Sky Harbor) serving the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, four prohibit sales of property (Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, and Williams), one places restrictions and conditions per FAA Grant Receipts that retard marketability (Casa Grande), one is completely absorbed (Scottsdale), and two are effectively absorbed (Deer Valley and Stellar Airpark). This means competition is minimal at best, and that demand is evident for properties like Phoenix Regional Airport/Airpark.


Competitive Advantage


    We are well placed among our competitors in the area in terms of capital resources and experience. We’ve researched their current activities and determined that the current robust economy and housing market will adequately support our planned development as well as those currently under way by other local developers.


    Our airport entitlement creates a unique lifestyle/workstyle opportunity to meet the high demand/low supply market for taxiway access and runway frontage properties in the area. This virtually guarantees strong sales of real estate product and associated services.




Residential Subdivisions


    Airpark Living, there’s nothing like it. For those with aviation in their blood, the desire to taxi from their home and be airborne in less than five minutes is a lifestyle beyond compare! If the concept of “living with your plane” while enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded neighbors sounds too good to be true, Phoenix Regional Airport/Airpark is for you!


  • Sky Ranch One

Total Lots: 50

Acres Absorbed: 18.8

PRA is well into the process of completing the subdivision regulatory process, through Pinal County and the State Real Estate Department, and will be delivering ready-to-build lots and build-to-suit projects by first quarter of 2006.


  • Sky Ranch Two

Total Lots: 60

Acres Absorbed: 25

Continuing the “Living with your Plane” theme, Sky Ranch Two picks up where Sky Ranch One left off. This sixty lot community offers more of the lifestyle that made SR1 so popular.


  • Rancho de Avion

Total Lots: 66

Acres Absorbed: 28.5

Plans continue to move forward with this exciting, new area of the airport which will feature beautiful custom homes and attached hangars on larger lots and separate taxiways. Currently taking lot reservations so don¹t delay! Fill out your Lot Reservation Form and lock in your priority position.


  • Rancho de Sueno

Total Lots: 40

Acres Absorbed: 20

The concept of private elegance is carried forward from Rancho de Avion into its sister community, Rancho de Sueno. Home buyers requiring the peace-of-mind a gated neighborhood brings, will be well-served to check out Phase II of the Rancho series.


  • North Lake Residential Condo

Total Lots: 40

Acres Absorbed: 10

Designed as the “high-end” portion of PRA’s residential offerings, North Lake is destined to be the premier location for those with truly discerning taste. Amenities abound throughout this low-maintenance/high-quality district.


  • Sandy Beach Residential Condo

Total Lots: 160

Acres Absorbed: 40

If you are looking for a truly unique living experience in Arizona¹s hottest emerging market, this upscale, waterfront community of like-minded aviation enthusiasts is for you. Whether it’s a second home “crashpad” or full-time residence you’re looking for, Sandy Beach fits the bill.


  • Sandy Beach Custom Residential

Total Lots: 40

Acres Absorbed: 20

Sandy Beach Custom offers the highest architectural standards available at Phoenix Regional Airport; designed expressly for those with a taste for detail. These forty lots offer exceptional building locations with plenty of room to stretch out.


  • Historic District Hangar Lofts

Total Lots: 80

Acres Absorbed: 20

The Historic District features thematic architectural influences in keeping with the airpark's overall design focus on aviation's history, and the preservation of its "Golden Era". Street themes will evoke nuances of 30's and 40's architectural styles. All elements are designed with a planned dedicated aviation museum as its focal point.


  • Lifestyle Studio Hangars

Total Lots: 80

Acres Absorbed: 20

For the budget-minded utilitarian, PRA’s condo minimized hangars is the most affordable residential environment available. Efficiency living combined with casual elegance is found with this truly unique aviation lifestyle. “Hangar First/Home Second” describes the Lifestyle Studio Hangars at Phoenix Regional Airport.


Light Industrial/Manufacturing Subdivisions


    These delimited areas are dedicated to light industrial and manufacturing development. Demand for private property with direct runway access in the greater Phoenix Metroplex has created a need which PRA readily fills. Convenient transport facilities and dedicated infrastructure reduces business expenses and makes Phoenix Regional Airport/Airpark an attractive alternative for cost-conscious business owners.


  • Northgate Light Industrial

Total Lots: 57

Acres Absorbed: 65.4

This runway access area is dedicated to light industrial and manufacturing use with ready-to-build lots and build-to-suit projects available in 2005.


  • Southgate Commerce Park

Total Lots: 27

Acres Absorbed: 40.5

Southgate Commerce offers additional lots for light industrial and commercial enterprises not requiring runway access. Taxiway access to the runway is available on six (6) lots.


  • Saddleback Industrial Airpark

Total Lots: 4

Acres Absorbed: 10

Saddleback Industrial Airpark is approximately half developed. This runway access area is dedicated to light industrial and manufacturing use with ready-to-build lots and build-to-suit projects currently available. Plans call for upgrading current structures to meet updated PRA architectural guidelines. Some existing structures are available for immediate purchase or lease.


Commercial Subdivisions


    The Phoenix Regional Airport/Airpark Master Plan represents the only new supply of runway access private property in the Phoenix marketplace. The likelihood of a competing new airport development of this type is minimal, due to soaring land values, public resistance to airport development, and available, viable properties. PRA offers a variety of commercial land opportunities to address the unmet demand for fee simple airport land.


  • Airside North Commercial

Total Lots: 20

Acres Absorbed: 31.2

This commercially zoned runway access area is dedicated to aircraft/aviation retail and commercial uses with ready-to-build lots and build-to-suit projects available.


  • North Point Business

Total Lots: 80

Acres Absorbed: 40

Build-to-suit aviation and non-aviation projects are planned to populate this centrally-located subdivision. With quick access to all master planned elements, North Point Business Park offers great appeal.


  • North Lake Commercial

Total Lots: 40

Acres Absorbed: 10

This runway access area is commercially zoned and is located adjacent to Phoenix Regional Airport’s waterfront features. This airpark promises to attract the market element requiring first-class amenities and location.


  • Airside South Commercial

Total Lots: 17

Acres Absorbed: 6.3

This commercially zoned runway access area is dedicated to aircraft/aviation retail and commercial uses with ready-to-build lots and build-to-suit projects available. Airside South is also home to a limited supply of condo minimized hangars designed for the budget-minded aviator. These efficiency-styled hangars are truly unique and do not exist anywhere else in the Phoenix marketplace.


  • Sandy Beach Commercial

Total Lots: 40

Acres Absorbed: 20

Centrally located within the PRA Master Plan, this thriving commercial and retail center promises to attract activity from throughout the surrounding communities. Plenty of “green” areas, designated for common use, make this one of the most popular areas for business development. Ask about reserving your priority position - these lots will go fast!


  • BizJet Corporate Center

Total Lots: 10

Acres Absorbed: 31

This corporate aviation area is designed for ten (10) large corporate offices and hangars. Plans call for the BizJet Corporate Center to be located adjacent to the Executive Terminal and FBO Complex.


  • PRA Lease Hangars

Total Lots: 80

Acres Absorbed: 5

A variety of options will soon be available for the rental of hangar space at Phoenix Regional Airport, from T-Hangars to conventional hangars, to simple outdoor tie-downs. Be sure to sign up on the Hangar Rental Priority List.


Runway Taxiway System


Total Lots: 0

Acres Absorbed: 83

Plans are quickly moving forward to bring a state-of-the-art, full-service FBO facility to Phoenix Regional Airport. This clean, well-planned operation will be a “one-stop-shop” for all your aviation needs. Fuel and maintenance requirements are but a few of the services found at our FBO and Executive Terminal.


Development of our Executive Terminal is progressing in conjunction with the FBO; at the forefront is our goal of providing Pilots and their Passengers with fully functional, cutting-edge flight planning and relaxation facilities. Plans call for “mini-cube” offices, local phone and Ethernet, phone or touch screen to FISDO/FAA/Weather/Security, and Stand-Alone Global Positioning System. Flight-friendly amenities will include pilot snooze rooms, food services, conference rooms, entertainment/meeting rooms, as well as information and ground transportation to local destinations.


PRA’s Fuel System is fully operational, offering 100LL AvGas 24/7/365.